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How to Determine the Circumference of a Cake Tier for
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What size Wedding Cake Do You Need?

Whether you’re ordering your wedding cake from a bakery, or planning on baking your cake yourself, one of the first questions you probably have is "what size does my wedding cake need to be"?

We have created a Wedding Cake Serving Guide below that shows different cake tier sizes and how many people each size tier will serve. With this guide you can create your cake and decide how many tiers and what size those tiers need to be for your perfect wedding cake.  Keep in mind that most wedding cake tiers are 4” in height which is the height we used for the following cake serving portions. 

The following servings are based on an average wedding cake portion size of 1“x 2” slice of a 4” high cake.

Round Wedding Cake Tier Servings (4” height)

  • 6” round cake tier: Serves 14
  •   8” round cake tier: Serves 25
  • 10” round cake tier: Serves 39
  • 12” round cake tier: Serves 56
  • 14” round cake tier: Serves 77
  • 16” round cake tier: Serves 100
  • 18” round cake tier:  Serves 127
  • 20” round cake tier:  Serves 157

6” is normally the top tier and is saved by the bride & groom for their 1st anniversary, so you may not want to include it in the serving’s calculations for your guests.

Square Wedding Cake Tier Servings (4” height)

  •   6” square cake tier: Serves 18
  • 8” square cake tier: Serves 32
  • 10” square cake tier: Serves 50
  • 12” square cake tier: Serves 72
  • 14” square cake tier: Serves 98
  • 16” square cake tier: Serves 128
  • 18” square cake tier: Serves 162
  • 20” square cake tier: Serves 200

6” is normally the top tier and is saved by the bride & groom for their first anniversary, so you may not want to include it in the serving’s calculations for your guests.

How to Determine the Circumference of a Cake Tier for Ribbon Trim or Decoration

If you want to have a ribbon or decoration going all the way around the bottom of each round tier of your wedding cake, you need to know the circumference (the length around the outside of the circle, or in this case a round cake tier) in order to be sure that you have enough to go around. The circumference is easy to calculate - if your cake tier is a 10" circle, then just multiply 8 inches by 3.13, which would make a circumference of 25.12 inches. So, you would need a minimum of a 26" length of ribbon or trim to go all the way around the bottom of an 8 inch round tier (a few extra inches of trim is always safe!)

Another example: If you have a 14 inch diameter round tier, the length around the bottom of the cake tier would be: 14" x 3.14 = 43.96" - therefore a 44" length of trimming will go all the way around the 14 inch round cake tier. It's always best to add a couple of inches of ribbon or trim because the cake icing and slight variations in the diameter of the cake may make it necessary for the ends of the ribbon to meet.

Extra Sheet Cake (Just In Case)

If you are concerned that you may have more people showing up than you expected, due to people not responding to the RSVP, or bringing guests, you may want to have a sheet cake prepared and ready to pull out.   No one will know if they are receiving cake from the actual wedding cake or from the extra sheet cake.

Commercial or Bakery Sheet Cakes at 2” high will serve:

1/4th sheet (8” x 12” x 2”) up to 24 servings
1/2 sheet (16” x 12” x 2”) up to 48 servings
Full sheet (16” x 24” x 2”) up to 96 servings

If you are planning to bake your own sheet cake, the typical home baking rectangular pan sizes are:

11” x 7” x 2” = serves up to 19 Guests
13” x 9” x 2” = serves up to 29 Guests

The above are general guidelines. Your bakery can help guide you in selecting the correct size Wedding Cake.

article copywritten by Decorating Studio, LLC. All rights reserved.
for reprint rights, please contact us at #615-776-2951.


Create & Make your own Bridal Veil

Wedding Veils are so easy to make - you will be shocked, especially once you have priced the ready made ones and seen how expensive they are. If you create and make your own bridal veil, you can custom make it to your requirements. Do you want a long, medium or short veil? How full do you want it? Do you want it made out of tulle or illusion (illusion is a little softer and finer than tulle)? What do you want as far as the ornament that attaches the veil to your hair - headband, comb, barrette? Do you want the headpiece to sit high or low on your hair? Would you like for your veil to be trimmed in rhinestones, or trim? You can have anything you want by creating and making your own. You can even start with a purchased comb or headpiece and add your own embellishes to it.

If your not sure yet what style bridal veil you want, go to a bridal shop and take a look around. Try a few on and see how they work with your hairstyle. Be creative and have fun!

Here are our Very Favorite Wedding Veil Patterns

Vogue Pattern #V8374
- BRIDAL VEILS: Package includes patterns and instructions for Veil A, approximately 33" long, contrast attached headpiece. Veil B, approximately 31" long, optional contrast headpiece. Veil C, approximately 46" long. Headpiece C has contrast front. Instructions included for ribbon embroidery.

FABRICS & MATERIALS for this pattern: Veil A, B, C: Tulle. Optional Headpiece B: Upon and Satin. Headpiece C: Satin.

Vogue Pattern #V7861 - BRIDAL VEILS: Package includes instructions and some patterns to make Veil A: fingertip/floor length. Veil B: elbow/back of knee length attaches to contrast bow. Veil C: elbow/fingertip length. Veil D: elbow/fingertip length attaches to contrast headpiece. Views A, C: detach from contrast headpiece. All views have purchased headpiece forms and use combs or barrette. Lengths are approximate.

FABRICS & MATERIALS for this pattern: Veil A, B, C, D: Tulle and Bobbinet. Headpieces A, B, C, D: Satin and Damask. Contrast 1B (Overlay): Re-Embroidered Lace and Lace.

Butterick Pattern #B4487 - BRIDAL VEILS : All have purchased combs and/or headpiece, length variations. A: purchased optional trim. A, B: blusher. C, D: circular. D: purchased ribbon. B, C, D, E: purchased flower variations. F: bow with knot.

FABRICS: Veils: Tulle, Netting, Illusion or Point d’Esprit. Bow: Satin Charmeuse or Peau de soie.

McCalls Pattern #M3508 - BRIDAL VEILS: Included in this package are instructions and pattern pieces to make bridal veils in five styles.

SUGGESTED FABRICS: Veil A thru E - Tulle • Sparkle Tulle; Veil Lift D - Petticoat Net; Headband A, Band C or D, Binding D - Use a Fabric that Matches your Gown; Lace A - Use a Lace that Matches your Gown.

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