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Beaded Fringe | Beaded Trim
Beaded fringe and beaded trim has been used in fashion for hundreds, if not thousands of years - dated back to Egyptian finds, but beaded trims really became popular around the late 1800's when designers began to embellish women's clothing and accessories. In the Victorian Age, beaded fringe became the latest trend as decorators began also using it as home decor trim, such as on draperies, lampshades and pillow embellishments. Now, beaded fringe
is even more popular than ever! It's use is always unique and is not limited to any item, shape or size. It is colorful and an inexpensive way to add bling and bedazzle your clothing, accessories or home decor project. Have fun!
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beaded fringe 1 inch drop
view all 54 colors

Drop beaded fringe in 54 colors.The longer beaded stands are 1" long, not including satin ribbon.

beaded fringe new york
view all 9 colors

The NYC collection of beaded fringe has 9 colors and the longest bead strand is 1" long (from the header ribbon).

pearl beaded fringe
view all 21 styles & colors

Our under 1 1/2" unique collection of beaded fringe has 21 different styles and colors of beaded fringe.

unique beaded fringe
view all 18 styles & colors

Our 1 1/2 to 3 inch long unique beaded fringe has a wide range of styles and colors to choose from.

long beaded fringe
view all 10 styles & colors
Our long (over 3") unique style of beaded fringe has 10 beautiful styles.

view all 7 colors
These beaded pom pom balls are a unique take on traditional pom pom trim. Our beaded pom pom trim comes in 7 beautiful colors.
decor beaded fringe
view all 14 colors
2" long Decor beaded fringe is available in 14 colors and has multi faceted beads with accent seed beads.

rio spa beaded drapery trim
view all 10 colors
Fresh, contemporary and in 10 colors, Rio de Janerio is a perfect trim for drapery and valance. Including the ornate braid header, this trim is 5 3/4" long.

drapery beaded fringe
view all 12 colors

Our stunning Venice Collection of beaded fringe has sparkling beads that fall in swags and hanging strands. This is a beautifully ornate and unique beaded fringe. Beautiful unique header braid. This trim has 12 unique color-ways to select from.
teardrop beaded fringe
view all 15 colors
Teardrop Beaded Fringe for contemporary or traditional projects. A large selection of colors.
beaded home decor trim
view all 9 styles & colors
Beautiful heavy home decor trims perfect for draperies and valances. View all 9
beaded trim
view all 7 colors
Alabama Beaded Trim is a fabulous combination of organza, chenille and beads.
chic beaded fringe
view all 5 colors
Our popular Chic collection has a slightly variegated bottom edge. In 5 colors.
Italian Marble Beaded  Trim
view all colors
Italian Marble Beaded Trim
california beaded fringe
view all colors
California Beaded Fringe
jeweled embellished trim
Jeweled Embellished Ribbon

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