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Chainette Fringe Beaded Fringe Beaded Garland Feather Fringe $ale
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Lots of Colors | 1" Long Home Decor & Apparel Bead Fringe Trim
crystal clear beaded fringe
Crystal Clear
Beaded Fringe | Details
iridescent aurora beaded fringe
Iridescent Aurora Borealis
Beaded Fringe | Details

ivory clear beaded fringe
Ivory Clear | Sale
Beaded Fringe | Details
vintage green glass beaded fringe
Vintage Green | Sale
Beaded Fringe | Details
turquoise blue spa beaded trim
Turquoise Blue Spa
Beaded Trim | Details
mocha beaded trim
Iced Mocha Brown | Sale
Beaded Trim | Details
camel beige beaded fringe
Camel Beige
Beaded Fringe | Details
silver beaded fringe
Silver Moon
Beaded Fringe | Details
pink beaded trim
Pale Pink
| Sale
Beaded Trim | Details
fuchsia beaded fringe
Fuchsia | Sale
Beaded Fringe | Details
muted rose beaded trim
Paris Muted Rose
Beaded Trim | Details
yellow beaded trim
Pale Yellow | Sale
Beaded Trim | Details
scarlet red beaded fringe
Iridescent Scarlet Red
Beaded Fringe | Details
royal blue bead fringe
Royal Blue
Beaded Fringe | Details
navy blue beaded fringe
Navy Blue
Beaded Fringe | Details
lavender lilac  beaded trimming
Lavender Lilac
Beaded Fringe | Details
green beaded trimming
Garden Green | Sale
Beaded Fringe | Details
avocado green beaded fringe
Olive Green
Beaded Fringe | Details
evergreen beaded fringe
Beaded Fringe | Details
copper brown beaded fringe
Copper Brown | Sale
Beaded Fringe | Details
  brown beaded fringe
Dark Brown
Beaded Fringe | Details
black diamonds beaded fringe
Black Diamonds
Beaded Fringe | Details
black & silver beaded trim
Black & Silver
Beaded Trim | Details
  metallic silver beaded trimming
Metallic Silver
Beaded Fringe | Details
metallic gold beaded trimming
Metallic Gold
Beaded Fringe | Details

This is a high quality, very full beaded fringe with exceptional detail and craftsmanship. Perfect rimming for home decor and apparel projects.

The longer beaded stands are 1" long, not including the satin ribbon.
Our beaded fringe trim is perfect for projects and crafts, such as trimming on purses, draperies, clothes and just about anything! We know that you will love the low prices too! Decorating Studio has the best prices on 1st quality beaded fringe trim you will find anywhere! Home Page
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