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Beaded Garland | Bead Strands | Home Decor, Party, Event & Wedding Table Decorations
Stunning Collection of over 40 Beaded Garlands, Bead Strands and Jeweled Beads on Wire.

beaded garland clear illusion beads
Clear Illusion Beaded Garland
$7.50 - details
Crystal clear beads that branch out on a 5' long garland. Wedding decoration favorite.

Crystal Beaded on Wired Garland
$9.75 - details
6' long crystal clear beaded strand garland in multi-sized beads strong on bendable wire.

beaded garland clear pearl
Tiffany Crystal Clear Pearls
$7.95 - details
This exquisite garland is made of crystal clear pearls and beads. Stunning.

beaded strand white beads
White Veil Strung Beaded Garland
$7.50 - details
White Veil Beaded Garland is pure white with some clear beads. Wedding decor favorite.

pearl garland wedding white
Wedding White Pearl Garland Decor
$7.95 - details
Made of soft white faux pearls that you would swear that they were the real thing!

pearl garland white ivory pearls
White & Ivory Pearl Garland Strand
$7.95 - details
Soft luminous faux pearls in white and ivory. Perfect wedding table decoration.

pearl garland ivory pearls
Ivory Pearl Garland
$7.95 - details
Soft luminous ivory faux pearls that look like the real thing! Perfect for wedding decor.

beaded garland iridescent ivory
Iridescent Ivory Strung Beaded Garland
$7.95 - details
Ideal for an elegant wedding decoration, this elegant garland is made of iridescent ivory beads. 

beaded garland ivory beads
Delicate Ivory Beaded Garland
$7.50 - details
Create wedding or event decorations with this ivory bead garland. A table decoration favorite.

beaded garland iridescent gold
Iridescent Gold Beaded Garland
$7.95 - details
Perfect party or event decoration garland in iridescent soft gold beads.

pearl garland golden pearls
Golden Pearl Bead Garland
$7.95 - details
A striking pearl garland in a beautiful mix of pearls and beads in ivory to antique gold.

beaded strand amber gold
Amber & Gold Beaded Strand
$7.50 - details
A rich beaded garland with jewel tone beads ranging from pale gold to deep amber.

pearl garland ivory pink pearls
Ivory & Pale Pink Pearl Garland
$7.95 - details
This beaded garland is breathtaking in soft shades of ivory and pale ballet pink.

beaded garland pale pink
Pink Glow Beaded Garland
$7.50 - details

beaded garland purple lavender
Purple & Lavender Bead Garland
$7.50 - details
This wonderful mix of pale lavender to rich purple jewel tone beads will turn heads.

pearl garland silver grey
Silver Grey Pearl Garland
$7.95 - details
An exquisite garland in very pale grey to silver grey pearls of different sizes.

pearl garland aqua ivory pearls
Addison Aqua & Ivory Garland
$7.95 - details
Ideal for wedding table decoration, ivory pearls and pale aqua. Elegant.

pearl strand iridescent aqua beads
Iridescent Aqua Pearl Garland Strand
$7.95 - details
Rich iridescent jewel tone shades of aqua green.  Lovely for home or wedding décor.

beaded garland iridescent blue
Iridescent Platinum Silver Beaded Garland
$7.95 - details
Soft iridescent strung beads in silvery grey-blue.  Stunning table decoration for parties.

beaded garland iridescent turquoise
Iridescent Turquoise Beaded Garland
$7.95 - details
Create the perfect wedding or event decorations with turquoise iridescent beads.

beaded garland turquoise
Turquoise Stream Beaded Garland
$7.50 - details
Stunning beaded garland in several turquoise blue jewel tones beads of different shapes.

bead garland ocean water
Ocean Water Bead Garland
$7.50 - details
Cool & refreshing, this bead garland has iridescent beads in jade green and ice blue.

beaded garland turquoise stone
Turquoise Faux Stone Garland
$7.50 - details
Faux stone has a soft matte finish of real turquoise.  Stunning encircling a candle.

beaded garland soft navy
Soft Navy Beaded Garland
$7.50 - details
A soft, yet rich shade of navy that would fit right in as decorations for a special event.

beaded garland silver sage
Iridescent Silver Sage Garland
$7.95 - details
Elegant beaded garland in silvery sage green iridescent beads in different sizes and shapes.

beaded garland verdi green
Verde Green Bead Garland
$7.50 - details
This bead garland is in a beautiful soft range of shades of pale green beads.

beaded garland ivy green
Garden Ivy Bead Garland
$7.50 - details
This bead garland adds the color of fresh green ivy to decorate any centerpiece.

beaded garland iridescent green
Iridescent Green Bead Garland
$7.95 - details
Beautiful as a home decoration wrapped around candles or centerpiece for your table.

beaded garland iridescent pearls
Green & Lavender Blue Pearl Garland
$7.95 - details
Perfect for a baby shower decoration, beads in pastel ivory, green, lavender and blue.

bead garland tangerine
Tangerine Tango Beaded Garland
$7.50 - details

A stunning bead garland crafted in deep, rich shades of reddish orange.

beads garland orange
Orange Iridescent Beaded Garland
$7.95 - details

An elegant orange beaded garland with iridescent beads. Great Halloween decoration.

pearl garland topaz pearls
Topaz Pearl Beaded Garland
$7.95 - details

Pearl garland in pale golden yellow to rich golden brown, some beads with an iridescent finish.

pearl garland gold burgundy
Antique Gold & Burgundy Pearl Garland
$7.95 - details

This garland has the perfect combination of rich red and antique old gold pearls.

pearl garland red garnet
Iridescent Garnet Pearl Beaded Garland
$7.95 - details

Beautiful iridescent jewel shades of garnet red, ruby red, along with shades of deep plum.

beaded garland red wine
Red Wine Beaded Garland

$7.50 - details
This beaded garland is a fabulous deep burgundy red - the color of rich red wine.

beaded garland christmas night
Christmas Night Beaded Garland

$7.50 - details
This is a very sophisticated holiday garland of deep rich burgundy and deep green beads.

beaded garland christmas
Christmas Day Beaded Garland

$7.50 - details
This holiday beaded garland - an elegant addition to your home's Christmas decor.

beaded garland brown
Chocolate Brown Beaded Garland

$7.50 - details
This rich brown garland has shades from medium brown to rich dark brown beads.

beaded garland metallic silver
Metallic Silver Pearl Garland
$8.95 - details
Exquisite! An unbelievable shine! A beautiful garland decoration for the holidays.

beaded garland metallic gold
Metallic Gold Pearl Garland
$8.95 - details

This metallic gold beaded pearl garland is the perfect decoration for Christmas!


beaded garland metallic red
Metallic Red Pearl Beaded Garland
$8.95 - details

This stunning metallic red beaded pearl garland is the perfect red and perfect for Christmas decorations.


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