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Beaded Garland | Bead Strands | Home Decor, Party, Event & Wedding Table Decorations
Stunning Collection of over 40 Beaded Garlands, Bead Strands and Jeweled Beads on Wire.

beaded garland clear illusion beads

Clear Illusion Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
Crystal clear beads that branch out on a 5' long strung garland. Wedding decoration favorite for table decoration.

crystal clear wire garland
Crystal Beaded Garland on Wire
$9 - details
6' long crystal clear beaded strand garland in multi-sized beads strung on a thin bendable silver wire.

beaded garland clear pearl
Tiffany Crystal Clear Pearl Beaded Garland
$8.50 - details
This exquisite pearl bead garland is made of crystal clear pearls and beads. Stunning decoration strung around a candle.

beaded strand white beads
White Veil Strung Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
White Veil Beaded Garland is made of white beads with some clear beads. Beautiful bridal bouquet decoration wrapped around flowers.

pearl garland wedding white
Wedding White Pearl Garland Decor
$8.50 - details
Stunning beaded garland made of soft white faux pearls that you would swear that they were the real thing! Decorate by submerging in the water of table flower centerpiece.

pearl garland white ivory pearls

White & Ivory Pearl Beaded Garland Strand
$11.25 - details
Soft luminous faux pearls in white and ivory. Perfect wedding table decoration to drape around candelabra centerpiece.

pearl garland ivory pearls
Ivory Pearl Garland
$8.50 - details
Soft stunning ivory faux pearl beaded garland! Perfect for wedding decor and at 5 feet long it can be cut as needed.

bead garland iridescent ivory
Iridescent Ivory Strung Bead Garland
$11.25 - details
Ideal bead garland for an elegant wedding decoration, this elegant garland is made of beautifully strung iridescent ivory beads on thin plastic string.

beaded garland ivory beads
Delicate Ivory Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
Create wedding centerpieces or event decorations with this unique ivory bead garland. Stunning table decoration!

beaded garland iridescent gold
Iridescent Gold Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
Perfect party, wedding or event decoration elegant beaded garland in stunningly iridescent soft gold beads. Very popular style!

pearl bead garland golden pearls
Golden Pearl Bead Garland | This Garland is Out of Stock Until Spring 2019
$11.25 - details
A striking pearl bead garland in a beautiful mix of pearls and beads in colors ranging from pale ivory to antique gold.

beaded strand amber gold
Amber & Gold Beaded Strand
$11.25 - details
A rich and sparkling beaded garland with jewel tone beads from striking pale gold to rich golden amber.

pearl beaded garland ivory pink pearls
Ivory & Pale Pink Pearl Beaded Garland
$8.50 - details
This unique pearl beaded garland is absolutely breathtaking in shades of ivory and pale ballet pink pearls. A very elegant decoration.

beaded garland pale pink
Pink Glow Beaded Garland
$8.50 - details
Pink Glow Beaded Garland is made of a very pale soft shade of pink - very feminine and it literally sparkles!

beaded garland purple lavender
Purple & Lavender Bead Garland
$11.25 - details
This mix of pale lavender to rich purple jewel tone beads in this bead garland is stunning wrapped around candles or your table centerpiece.

Silver Grey Pearl Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
An exquisite and elegant pearl bead garland in very pale grey to silver grey pearls. Superb decoration for an elegant wedding.

pearl beaded garland aqua ivory pearls
Addison Aqua & Ivory Beaded Garland
$8.50 - details
This beaded garland is ideal for a wedding table decoration, made of ivory and pale aqua blue pearls. Unique.

pearl strand iridescent aqua beaded garland
Iridescent Aqua Pearl Beaded Garland Strand
$11.25 - details
Wow! Rich iridescent beads in jewel tone shades of aqua green. A lovely decoration for home, event or wedding decor.

beaded garland iridescent turquoise
Iridescent Turquoise Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
Create the perfect wedding or event decorations with this beaded garland in jewel tone turquoise iridescent beads.

beaded garland turquoise
Turquoise Stream Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
This is a stunning beaded garland in several shades of turquoise-blue beads. Beautiful addition to a table centerpiece.

beaded garland ocean water
Ocean Water Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
So cool & refreshing, this beaded garland has iridescent beads in jade green and ice blue. Perfect for a beach destination wedding decoration.

beaded garland silver sage
Iridescent Silver Sage Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
An elegant beaded garland in a unique silvery sage green iridescent beads. Perfect candle, centerpiece or table decoration.

beaded garland verdi green
Verde Green Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
This beaded garland is in a beautiful soft range of shades of very pale green beads. Beautiful mixed with other beaded garlands.

beaded garland ivy green
Garden Ivy Beaded Garland
$8.50 - details
This bead garland adds the color of fresh green ivy to decorate any centerpiece. Stunning when used with other colors of bead garland.

beaded garland tangerine
Tangerine Tango Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
A rich, stunning beaded garland in deep, rich shades of tangerine - a deep reddish orange. A very unique color.

pearl garland topaz pearls
Topaz Pearl Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
A very elegant pearl beaded garland in pale golden to rich golden brown, some beads have an iridescent finish. Stunning!

pearl garland gold burgundy
Antique Gold & Burgundy Pearl Bead Garland
$11.25 - details
This pearl bead garland has the perfect combination of rich dark red and antique gold pearls. A very unique and retro design.

pearl garland red garnet
Iridescent Garnet Pearl Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
Beautiful iridescent jewel shades of garnet red, ruby red, along with shades of deep plum make up this 5' beaded garland.

beaded garland red wine
Red Wine Beaded Garland

$11.25 - details
This beaded garland is made of fabulous deep burgundy red beads - close to the color of rich red wine. Lovely!

beaded garland christmas night
Christmas Night Beaded Garland
| This Garland is Out of Stock Until Spring 2019
$11.25 - details
This is a very sophisticated garland made of deep rich burgundy and deep green beads. A very traditional garland in rich colors.

beaded garland christmas
Christmas Day Beaded Garland
| This Garland is Out of Stock Until Spring 2019
$11.25 - details
This holiday color beaded garland is an elegant addition to your home's Christmas decor. Fabulous!

beaded garland brown
Chocolate Brown Beaded Garland

$11.25 - details
An elegant rich brown beaded garland with shades ranging from medium brown to rich dark brown beads.

bead garland metallic silver
Metallic Silver Pearl Bead Garland
$11.25 - details
Exquisite! An unbelievable shine! A beautiful silver bead garland decoration for the holidays and elegant events!

beaded garland metallic gold
Metallic Gold Pearl Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
This metallic gold beaded pearl garland is the perfect decoration when you want a rich shine. Perfect for Golden 50th anniversary parties.

beaded garland metallic red
Metallic Red Pearl Beaded Garland
$11.25 - details
This stunning metallic red beaded pearl garland is the perfect red and perfect for decorations. Wonderful shine.


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