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Beaded Fringe Main Project Page
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Click on a Beaded Fringe Project/Craft name below for easy instructions on how to start your beaded trim project:
Tablecloths / Pillows / Sheers / Cornice Boards / Valances / Sachets / Nightlight / Placemats / Lampshades
/ Ottoman / Bench / Planters / Bedspread or Duvet / Throw / Shower Curtain / Vanity bottle / Guest & Hand towels / Shelves / Door Frames / Hammocks / Patio Umbrellas / Shawl or Evening Wrap / Bathing suit / Skirt or Dress / Capri's or Pants / Ankle Bracelet / Barrettes / Boots / Back Pack / Beach Hat

General Tips When Using Beaded Fringe Trim On Your Projects

Create A Beaded Fringe Place Mats
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Dress up your Placemats and create a fantastic table setting by adding beaded fringe to the edges of your Placemats. Depending on the
thickness of the material the placemat is made of, you can either stitch or glue the fringe on. There are directions for both below. However,
keep in mind that if the placemat edge is rigid, the glue will work great. If the placemat is made of a pliable material or fabric,
you will want to stitch the fringe on.


  • When adding beaded fringe to placemats, its best if the fringe is fairly short, similar to our Drop Bead Beaded Fringe. Long beads tend to get in the way of the utensils.
  • Beaded fringe looks great on most placemats from expensive damask to casual woven bamboo.
  • Definitely use acrylic beaded fringe, not glass beads for this project!

How To Instructions for Sewing the Trim On Placemats

  • Measure the length of one side of a placemat, add an inch, and then multiply by 2. This is how much fringe will be needed for one placemat. Then multiply by how many placemats you are going to decorate with fringe. Typical standard sizes of placemats are 12" x 18" or 14" x 20", but be sure to measure yours.
  • Cut the ribbon on the fringe about 1" longer than you actually need for each side of the placemat. If the placemat is made of thin to medium thickness material, it will be best to stitch the fringe onto the edge of the placemats. If the placemat is woven bamboo or a solid edge such as vinyl or leather, you can apply it with a non-toxic waterproof glue. Make sure that the glue dries clear.
  • If you are going to stitch the fringe onto the edge, gently pin the ribbon or cloth tape of the fringe to the edge of the wrong side of the placemats, adjusting the placement of the ribbon so that it is hidden when the placemat is placed right side up on the table. Leave ½" of extra ribbon at the top edge and the bottom edge of the placemat so that you can fold it under and stitch the ends tucked inside the placemat and the fringes ribbon.

How To Instructions for Gluing the Trim On Placemats

  • If you are going to glue the fringe to the edges, then first lay the ribbon or tape part of the fringe onto the back side edge of the placemat (where you will attach it), then take a pencil and lightly mark on the backside of the placemat how wide the ribbon or tape of the fringe is. Remove the fringe and apply a small amount of glue to the wrong side of the placemat edge making sure to get the very outside edge, as well as the inside edge of where the ribbon or tape will be.
  • Lay the ribbon of the fringe (If it has a right side, place the right side of the ribbon facing you, with the wrong side towards the placemat) against the glue making sure that the ribbon will not be viewed from the other side. Leave ½" of extra ribbon at the top edge and the bottom edge of the placemat.
  • While the glue is still wet, gently lift each end and fold under about ½" so that the end of the ribbon and the end of the placemat are even. Apply a small amount of glue to the inside of the fold where the ribbon will fold over the ribbon. Tuck the cut edge of the fold between the ribbon and the placemat. Apply one more dab of glue underneath the edge of the folded ribbon where it will adhere to the placemat to make sure that it is secure.
  • Carefully insert a straight pin into each folded end of the fringe, making sure that the fringe is still straight on the placemat. Leave the pin in until the glue has dried.

General Tips When Using Beaded Fringe Trim
On Your Projects

  • Some beaded fringe is made of acrylic and some of glass. The new acrylic beaded fringes have the sparkle of glass without the weight or the worry of breakage. Either is fine, however, some applications should definitely use acrylic beads due to the danger of breakage with glass beads. All of beaded fringe is made of a high quality, crystal clear acrylic.
  • Often, the stated length of beaded fringe will include the tape or ribbon at the top. If length is critical, double check to see if the ribbon is included in the length dimension or not. All of Decorating Studio's stated beaded fringe lengths include the top ribbon or tape in the dimension.
    There are no right sides or wrong sides as far as the beaded part of beaded fringe goes; however sometimes, one side of the ribbon or tape holding the beads, may show the threads that are holding the beads to the ribbon. If the ribbon or tape part of your fringe has threads showing on one side, you should attach it to your projects so that the threads are down, hidden from view.
  • If you are applying your beaded fringe to an object with glue, use a non-toxic, craft glue that dries clear and flexible. We recommend Aleene's Original Tacky Glue. You may want to secure the ribbon or tape to the item with straight pens until the glue dries to assure that the fringe doesn't slip out of place while drying.
  • When applying beaded fringe with glue, it is helpful to first lay the ribbon or tape trim of the fringe on the item on which you are gluing it, then take a pencil and lightly mark the width of the ribbon on the item. This will assure that you have covered the area where the ribbon or tape will be with enough glue to secure the ribbon or tapes edges.
  • When you are attaching beaded trim to an object that will get wet or requires washing, generally you will want to stitch the ribbon on instead of gluing, however, if you are attaching it to a glass or hard object that will get wet, use a suitable clear waterproof glue. These types of glues are often toxic, so use carefully and never on eating utensils.
  • If you are attaching your beaded trim with a sewing machine, make sure that the beads are clear of the foot pedal, to eliminate breakage.
  • Most beaded fringe has a decorative ribbon at the top, to which the beads are attached. In most cases, the ribbon is attractive enough to show. If you want another type of trim over the ribbon, you can easily attach a more decorative ribbon, braid or gimp over the beaded fringes' ribbon once you complete attaching the fringe.
  • Never leave the ribbon or tape edge of the fringe exposed. Always allow a little extra so that you can turn the edge into a fold and secure with glue or thread.
  • When measuring a round or oval object to determine how much fringe will be needed for a project (such as a lampshade edge), it is helpful to use a cloth tape measure and straight pins to secure it in place as you are measuring.
  • While working on your project, if you find that midway through your beaded fringe one of the fringes is missing, cut one beaded fringe from the edge (with the ribbon or tape at the top) and sew it to the fringe area that is missing the beads.

View Decorating Studio's Beaded Fringe Collections

Click on the Project/Craft name below for instructions on how to make:
Tablecloths with Beaded Fringe / Pillows with Beaded Fringe / Sheers with Beaded Fringe / Cornice Boards with Beaded Fringe / Valances with Beaded Fringe / Sachets with Beaded Fringe / Nightlight with Beaded Fringe / Placemats with Beaded Fringe / Lampshades with Beaded Fringe
/ Ottoman with Beaded Fringe / Bench with Beaded Fringe / Planters with Beaded Fringe / Bedspread or Duvet with Beaded Fringe / Throw with Beaded Fringe / Shower Curtain with Beaded Fringe / Vanity bottle with Beaded Fringe / Guest & Hand towels with Beaded Fringe / Shelves with Beaded Fringe / Door Frames with Beaded Fringe / Hammocks with Beaded Fringe / Patio Umbrellas with Beaded Fringe / Shawl or Evening Wrap with Beaded Fringe / Bathing suit with Beaded Fringe / Skirt or Dress with Beaded Fringe / Capri's or Pants with Beaded Fringe / Ankle Bracelet with Beaded Fringe / Barrettes with Beaded Fringe / Boots with Beaded Fringe / Back Pack with Beaded Fringe / Beach Hat with Beaded Fringe

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