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Easy to Do Projects/Crafts
Beaded Fringe

Click on the name of the project below for How-To Instructions and Directions

Projects & Craft Instructions
Tablecloths w/Beaded Fringe
Sheers w/ Beaded Fringe
Valances w/ Beaded Fringe
Nightlight w/ Beaded Fringe
Placemats w/ Beaded Fringe
Lampshades w/ Beaded Fringe
Planters w/ Beaded Fringe
Shower Curtain w/ Beaded Fringe
Vanity bottle w/ Beaded Fringe
Guest & Hand towel w/ Beaded Fringe
Shelves w/ Beaded Fringe
Door Frame w/ Beaded Fringe
Hammock w/ Beaded Fringe
Patio Umbrella w/ Beaded Fringe
Shawl or Evening Wrap w/ Beaded Fringe
Bathing suit w/ Beaded Fringe
Skirt w/ Beaded Fringe
Ankle Bracelet w/ Beaded Fringe
Barrette w/ Beaded Fringe
Boots w/ Beaded Fringe
Back Pack w/ Beaded Fringe
Beach Hat w/ Beaded Fringe

View Decorating Studio's Beaded Fringe Collections

Beaded Fringe Projects & How-To Directions & Instructions
& How to sew with Beaded Fringe Trim

Create your own beaded fringe crafts and projects! It's easy and and our basic directions
and instructions should help you get your creative juices flowing.

How to Sew Beaded Fringe Trim:

Attaching Beaded Fringe by sewing it on (either by hand or machine) is not difficult if you follow this simple instruction first.
Purchase some low-stick tape (such as painting tape) and tear off the same length of tape as your beaded trim. Lay the beaded fringe flat on a surface and apply the low-stick tape to the beaded strand section of the fringe only. Leave the tape attached to the fringe part of the trim until you have finished sewing by hand or by machine. This keeps the fringe controllable while you are working with it.

Have Fun!
(and don't forget, we'd love to see pictures your finished item)

Click on a Beaded Fringe Project/Craft name below for easy instructions on how to start your beaded trim project:
Tablecloths / Pillows / Sheers / Cornice Boards / Valances / Sachets / Nightlight / Placemats / Lampshades / Ottoman / Bench / Planters / Bedspread or Duvet / Throw / Shower Curtain / Vanity bottle / Guest & Hand towels / Shelves / Door Frames / Hammocks / Patio Umbrellas / Shawl or Evening Wrap / Bathing suit / Skirt or Dress / Capri's or Pants / Ankle Bracelet / Barrettes / Boots / Back Pack / Beach Hat

Beaded Fringe Collections
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