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Beaded Trim | Beaded Fringe
We have such stunning beaded trim! Beaded trim fringe is perfect to finish off a project, dress, lampshade, draperies, purse or accessories. It's always unique and beaded trim is not limited to any item, shape or size. Beaded trimming is a colorful and an inexpensive way to add bling and embellish your clothing, accessories or home decor project, beaded fringe and beaded trim adds an interesting element.
Have fun! For instructions on how to cut, sew or glue beaded trim for your project.
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Decorating Studio has a wide range of beaded fringe, beaded trim, feather fringe and chainette costume fringe.

beaded trim
Beaded Drop Beaded Trim
View over 40 Colors

Teardrop beaded fringe trim in 46 colors.

unique beaded trim
Unique Short Beaded Trim
view all 21 styles & colors

Unique collection of short beaded trim has
21 different styles and colors of beaded fringe.

beaded fringe trim
Unique Medium Beaded Trim Fringe
view all 18 styles & colors

Not quite short - but not too long unique beaded trim fringe has a wide range of styles and colors.

drapery beaded fringe trim
Venice Beaded Fringe Trim
view all 12 colors

Our stunning Venice Collection of beaded fringe (perfect for your drapery!) has sparkling beads that fall in swags and hanging strands.

sea shell wood bead fringe

Sea Shell & Wood Bead Fringe

All natural sea shells and wood beads adorn this unique and beach themed home decor beaded fringe trim.

chic home decor beaded fringe trim

Chic Beaded Fringe
view all colors
Popular Chic Beaded Fringe Collection has a variegated bottom edge.
long beaded fringe
Unique Long Beaded Fringe
view styles & colors
Our long unique styles of beaded fringe in lots of beautiful styles and colors.
teardrop crystal trim

Teardrop Beaded Fringe
view all 15 colors
Teardrop Beaded Fringe for contemporary or traditional
projects. A large selection of colors.
home decor beaded trim

Decor Beaded Fringe Trim
view all 14 colors
2" long Decor beaded fringe trim is available in 14 colors and has multi faceted beads with accent seed beads.

italian marble beaded fringe trim
view all colors

Italian Marble Beaded Trim

Stunning and unique beaded fringe that looks like nothing you've ever seen! Beautiful selection of colors.

designer beaded fringe
Rio de Janerio Beaded Fringe
view all 10 colors

Fresh, contemporary and in 10 colors, Rio de Janerio is a perfect trim for drapery and valance. Including the ornate braid header, this trim is 5 3/4" long.
organza beaded organza trimming

Alabama Beaded & Organza Trim
view all 7 colors

Alabama Beaded Trim is a fabulous combination of
organza, chenille and beads.
beaded home decor trim
Home Decor Trim
view all 9 styles & colors

Beautiful heavy home decor trims perfect for draperies and valances. View all 9.
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