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Our beaded fringe trims are 1st quality and exceptional in craftsmanship and detail.

Adding sparkling beaded fringe is one of the easiest and least expensive things you can do to create a wonderful decorating update in a room. You can add beaded fringe to quite a few items, but in this article we will describe how to embellish a lampshade.

First of all, take a tape measure and measure around the bottom edge of the lampshade. This is the yardage of fringe you need to purchase. Most lamp shades only require around a yard.

Check out Decorating Studio's selection of beaded fringe

Determine how long you want the beaded fringe to be. It is available in lengths from 1" to 6". I have found that most lamps that are approximately 24" high, look best with a fringe that is around 3 to 4 inches long, but it is completely up to you, there really are no right or wrong lengths. Beaded fringe comes on a ribbon or bias tape, so when I refer to ribbon below, I am talking about the tape that holds the beaded fringe together. In most cases, the ribbon will be hidden on the inside of the lampshade.

By using the color scheme in the room and the lamp base, find some beads that will compliment those colors. You can find beaded fringe in most of your local fabric stores, or you can take a look at DecoratingStudio's huge selection. For instance, you may want to select a fringe that has pale pink, yellow and green in it for a little girls room, or a fringe of amber, gold and clear for the Family Room. If the lamp has a brass base, it looks great to choose a fringe that has small seed beads in gold to play off of the brass.

Remove the shade from the lamp and on the inside edge - right next to the bottom edge of the shade - apply a thin strip of glue (Elmer's glue works great) a few inches long. With a straight pin, secure the edge of the ribbon that the fringe is connected to at the beginning of the line of glue you applied. Then press the ribbon along the line of glue, making sure that the bottom edge of the ribbon is right on the edge of the bottom of the shade since you don't want the ribbon to show from the front of the shade.

Turning the lampshade a little, continue to add a few inches of the glue to the inside edge of the shade and press the ribbon down into the glue as you go. You shouldn't need anymore straight pins - the one you used to secure the beginning edge of the ribbon should be enough.

Continue on until you are back at the beginning where you used the straight pin. Cut the ribbon so that the beaded fringe will meet evenly without overlapping. Then remove the straight pin and secure the end of the ribbon with glue and reinsert the straight pin to hold both the beginning and the end of the ribbon.

While the glue is still damp, gently roll the shade around and adjust the ribbon as necessary to make sure it is even and that the edge of the ribbon doesn't hang below the shade.

Allow the glue to completely dry and then put the shade back on your lamp. Once you turn the lamp on, you will love the way the beaded fringe sparkles when the light hits it.

And your done!

Lampshades aren't the only decorative item that you can use beaded fringe to enhance. Look around your house and use your imagination.

Some other popular items in which to add beaded fringe to are:
Curtains, valances, tiebacks and sheers
Duvets, throws and bedspread edges
Bottom edges of whimsically painted benches and chairs
Edges of Placemats

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