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"Wine" Bodhi Leaf Flower String Lights Plug-In - 9' length

9' Length with 20 Stunning Flowers - also available in 8 other colors These Flower String Lights are, without a doubt, the most beautiful and the most elegant string lights you will find. "Wine" starts out at the base of each leave in a soft shade of red, the color changes and becomes a rich shade of wine (with a touch of a purple tint to it) towards the tip of each leaf. The variation in color throughout each leaf gives them a wonderful depth and beauty. They are a stunning home decor accent and also perfect for wedding decor to create an ethereal and sophisticated air. They are available in 9 different colors to match your decor. Each light of this Bodhi Leaf Flower Light garland is had-crafted from eight leaves into a beautiful tropical flower, and will amaze you as they bloom open before your eyes with just a light mist of water. Once misted with water, they will open up and stay open. They are 9' long with 20 flowers each and have end to end connectors so that you can run a long continuous length. Because real leaves are used, these flower string lights produce a soft translucent light unlike anything made from synthetic materials. The leaves are only collected once they have fallen from the plant - and are never removed while living! Perfect for relaxation, romance, weddings and special occasions, we're sure that you'll agree this is one of the most beautiful and elegant light strands ever created.
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