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Our beaded fringe trims are 1st quality and exceptional in craftsmanship and detail.

Artwork & Accessories

Accessories should reflect your interests and, ideally, should be acquired over time to eliminate that "hotel suite" look.

Rich silver candlesticks and a damask tablecloth create a richness in this Dining Room that wouldn't
exist without these small details.

Dining Room Accessories

  • Candles - Romantic and perfect on the table and/or buffet.
  • Fresh Flowers - Nothing can take the place of fresh cut flowers in the Dining Room
  • Potted Real or Silk Tree with Uplight - This adds interesting shadows to the ceiling
  • Flowing Plant on Pedestal - Adds color and interest to a plain corner
  • Mirrors - Reflects candle light and silver. If positioned across from a window, it will reflect more light into the room
  • Artwork - Make a statement with your artwork and add a picture light or a recessed spot light
  • Tapestries - Hung on the wall with rods and tassels
  • Grandfather Clock - The soft ticking and the chimes are unbelievably soothing
  • Collections of China/Silver - If you've got it ... show it!


How To Hang Artwork

This has always been difficult for people, because there are no rules, all artwork is a different size and it depends on whether the artwork has furniture underneath it or no. In order to successfully hang art, use your sense of balance and proportion. It is best to follow the "rules of thumb below" and then just follow your gut feeling.

  • Try it first. Cut out pieces of newspaper the size of your artwork and tape them to the wall. This is particularly helpful if you are arranging several pieces together.
  • Don't hang the art too high. You want to be able to see the artwork without straining your neck. Rule of thumb: if there isn't a piece of furniture underneath the art, hang about 60" above the floor. Adjust as necessary depending on the height of the ceiling and the size/height of the artwork.
  • If the art is being hung over a desk or buffet, hang it so that the bottom of the frame is anywhere from 6" to 10" above the top of the furniture.
  • Artwork should never be wider than the piece of furniture that it is over. The effect will be top heavy if the frame extends beyond the edges of the furniture.

Groupings of Accessories

Typically groupings look best if you stick with odd numbers: 3, 5, or 7. You should also vary the heights, for instance if you are doing a grouping of candlesticks, you will want to have varying heights of possibly 3, 5 or 7 together in one group.

If you are arranging a grouping of your plate collection on the wall, do not line them up at the same height. Vary the height and placement to create interest and keep the eye moving.

Balance: Symmetrical or Asymmetrical

In the rules of design, there are two types of balance - Symmetrical or Asymmetrical. You have to trust your eye when designing to decide which balance is needed. On a buffet table, if you use a buffet lamp of equal height on each side, you are creating a symmetrical balance. If you use one lamp on one side of the table, you are creating an asymmetrical balance. In general, symmetrical tends to be more formal and asymmetrical is more casual.

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