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30" Length is being Discontinued and is now 50% Off!
Order Samples
Limited Stock & Colors.
Orchid - Now $23.25 ~ Was: $46.75 per yard


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Other Lengths in our Chainette Fringe ~ Click on length below
2" long chainette ~ 3" long chainette ~ 4" long chainette ~ 6" long chainette ~ 9" long chainette
12" long chainette ~ 15" long chainette ~ 18" long chainette ~ 24" long chainette
32" long chainette ~ 36" long chainette

30" Chainette Sale at 50% Off.
30" inch length of flowing, beautiful chainette trim, sold by the yard. Available in 38 stunning colors! The 4 inch long solid color chainette trim is half price - now only $23.25 a yard.

~ Order Yardage at Top of Page ~

This slinky chainette fringe is perfect for dance outfits, costumes, cheerleader uniforms, evening gowns, dresses, home decor, wedding and party decoration.

This is certainly one of the highest quality chainette trims that you can purchase. Made in the USA, it is full, with a luminescent silky finish, a very soft flow, plus it hangs and drapes just beautifully. This trim won't unravel or snag, even if trimmed.

Dry Clean or Spot Clean Only.

Some colors may not be in stock and will have a wait time of 2 - 3 weeks before shipping. You can call us to check stock on the chainette length, color and quantity of yards you need at #615-776-2951
or email us at
Depending on the color and yardage, there may be a delay in shipping of 2 - 3 weeks. You can call us at #615-776-2951 to check stock if you need your chainette immediately.

Chainette Trim Samples:
We recommend obtaining a sample cutting before purchasing to check the colors.

We do ask that you limit your order to 7 colors. Click here to order Samples. This chainette trim is perfect to embellish dresses, dance costumes & competition outfits.

Description of all Colors of our Rayon Chainette Trim & Sequin Fringe
Although we have tried to accurately represented the true colors of our fringe in the above images, colors will tend to vary from monitor to monitor. The below written descriptions of the colors are only to help you picture them just a little bit better. If you need an exact match we recommend that you order Samples.
  • Antique Gold: a true antique (muted) gold, a little richer and deeper in color than our "Pale Gold". This is a beautiful and traditional color!
  • Apple: a rich yellow/lime/green. A perfect apple green.
  • Arabian Turquoise: a deep and rich jewel-tone Turquoise-Blue. If you need a green based turquoise, our "Bright Turquoise" is a turquoise green. Arabian Turquoise is definitely a blue turquoise.
  • Black: a true, dark shade of black chainette fringe. Perfect for a black flapper dress.
  • Bright Turquoise: a rich jewel tone Turquoise-Green. If you're looking for a turquoise-blue, look at our "Arabian Turquoise".
  • Candy Pink: a soft feminine pale pink. Candy Pink is not quite as pale a pink as our "Pastel Pink" chainette though.
  • Coppen Blue: a muted soft blue. It is the elegant shade of blue found in Dutch Delft tiles.
  • Cranberry: a deep, deep red burgundy, with cool undertones of color.
  • Federal Yellow: a jewel tone lemon yellow. It is a true rich yellow without any golden undertones.
  • Flag Gold: is a vibrant golden yellow chainette. The color of fringe on the uniforms of marching bands.
  • Fluorescent Cerise Pink: a fluorescent bright pink chainette.
  • Fluorescent Lime: is a bright neon yellow lime. It is almost most yellow than lime. (you may want to get a sample of this one to check and see if the color works for your project)
  • Fluorescent Orange: a beautiful, bright neon orange chainette fringe trim.
  • French Beige: the absolute perfect pale ivory without any yellow undertones. If you need a slightly warmer (more golden) beige, "Cream" is a little darker and has some golden undertones.
  • Fuchsia: a beautiful shade of soft fuchsia. This is not a bright fuchsia. If you need a richer, darker shade of fuchsia, then our "Raspberry", or the Fluorescent Cerise Pink may work better for you. We suggest you Get Samples to compare.
  • Hunter: a traditional dark hunter green. This is a very deep shade of green.
  • Kelly: a perfect grass-green. It's also the color you think of when you think of the green associated with Ireland.
  • Light Brown: a gorgeous shade of brown! Not too light and not too dark. Rich and full of life.
  • Magenta: a deep vibrant shade of rose red with a touch of a cool purple undertone.
  • Mint: a silver green color, really closer to a sage green than a mint green.
  • Navy: this is the perfect dark navy blue chainette fringe. Rich, deep color!
  • Olive: a vibrant true shade of olive green.
  • Orange: a beautiful, beautiful shade of true orange.
  • Orchid: a soft orchid with a touch of silver undertones. A very elegant color.
  • Pale Gold: a pale antique gold. Very soft and muted shade of light spun gold. Very popular!
  • Parrot: a bright jewel-tone turquoise with undertones of blue. This chainette fringe is almost the exact color you think of when you think of the color in a turquoise stone.
  • Pastel Pink: a soft pale, pale pink. This is our palest pink chainette fringe.
  • Peach: a stunning shade of pale soft peach. Almost a silvery peach.
  • Plum: a bright, rich shade of deep purple. It's really a darker color than most people would consider plum to be.
  • Purple: a medium purple - lighter than our "Plum". If you need a darker purple, our "Plum" is darker.
  • Raspberry: a striking shade of raspberry pink. Love, love, love this color!
  • Red: a deep true red. This is an elegant color and is really a traditional red. If you need a slightly lighter shade of red, our "Scarlet" is a shade lighter.
  • Royal: the perfect bright royal blue chainette fringe trim.
  • Scarlet: a crayon red shade, lighter in color than our "Red". If you are looking for a deep traditional red, than take a look at our "Red".
  • Silver Grey: an effervescent silver gray. Very, very elegant!
  • White: pure silky white chainette fringe. A true white!
  • Wine: a rich burgundy color with a little bit of a Merlot colored undertone. It is very close to the color of Merlot wine.

  • Sequin Chainette Fringe ~ (available in 4", 6", 9" & 12" Lengths)
  • Sequin Fringe: Black with Black Sequins: a true black chainette fringe with sparkling solid black sequins. Elegant!
  • Sequin Fringe: Lime with Iridescent Lime Sequins: This chainette almost exactly matches our "Apple" chainette in color, except this Sequin Chainette has stunning iridescent lime colored sequins intermingled within it.
  • Sequin Fringe: Magenta with Fuchsia Sequins: This Sequin trim is a deep vibrant shade of rose red with a touch of a cool purple undertone in the fringe and it also has bright and sparkling fuchsia sequins.
  • Sequin Fringe: Orchid with Iridescent Sequins: This is a beautiful silvery lilac chainette that has iridescent sequin throughout that sparkle and reflect stunning light and color.
  • Sequin Fringe: Pale Gold with Gold Sequins: A very sophisticated sequin chainette. The pale gold is such an elegant soft shade of gold and the sequins are also gold. All you see is pure gold sparkle!
  • Sequin Fringe: Pale Pink with Iridescent Sequins: This is the softest and most feminine trim we have ever seen! The pale, pale pink chainette has strands of iridescent sequins are absolutely sparkle like diamonds.
  • Sequin Fringe: Plum with Iridescent Sequins: A rich purple chainette (matches our "Plum" chainette) that has dramatic Iridescent Sequins. a very eye-catching trim!
  • Sequin Fringe: Red with Red Sequins: A true rich red chainette (matches our "Red" chainette) with matching red sequins.
  • Sequin Fringe: Royal Navy with Royal Sequins: This fringe is a bright navy with beautiful and sparkling royal blue sequins.
  • Sequin Fringe: Silver with Iridescent Silver Sequins: One of the most beautiful shades of silver grey chainette that we have ever seen. It is embellished with iridescent silver sequins. Truly elegant!
  • Sequin Fringe: Turquoise Blue with Teal Blue Sequins: This is a rich turquoise blue fringe trim with gorgeous teal sequins.
  • Sequin Fringe: White with Iridescent Sequins: A perfect white chainette that sparkles beautifully with iridescent sequins.
  • Sequin Fringe: Yellow with Iridescent Sequins: A true yellow chainette with perfect iridescent sequins.

  • Metallic Chainette Fringe ~ (available in 3" & 6" Lengths)
  • Metallic Silver: All silver sparkle!
  • Metallic Gold: A bright and glittering shade of gold metallic fringe.
  • Metallic Red: Solid red metallic chainette fringe.
  • This is one certainly one of the highest quality chainette trims that you can purchase. Made in the USA, it is full, with a luminescent silky finish, a soft flow, plus it hangs and drapes beautifully. Chainette fringe is often used on Dancing with the Stars ball gowns and dance outfits. It won't unravel or snag.
Chainette Fringe Lengths that are In Stock ~ Purchase by the yard!

view: 2" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

view: 3" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

view: 4" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

view: 6" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

view: 9" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

view: 12" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

view: 15" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

view: 18" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

view: 24" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

view: 32" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

view: 36" Long Chainette Fringe Colors & Pricing

Uses for Chainette Fringe Trim

Chainette fringe has become very popular, not only for Home Decor, but also on the red carpet and in dance competitions. Chainette is ideal for adding drama to both costumes and clothing. Chainette fringe can be used for belly dance costumes, hip sashes, ice skating outfits, performance outfits, dance fringe, flapper dress (think The Great Gatsby!), furniture trim, footstool fringe, crafts, costuming, shawl fringe, ballroom gowns, skirts, tiered fringe dresses, tango outfits, cheerleader uniforms, band uniforms, banners, flags, residential window treatments and drapery embellishments, valance trim, pillow details, throws, garments, dresses, dance costumes, tablecloth edging, table runners, vintage victorian projects, lampshade fringe and purse embellishment.

Sewing with Chainette Fringe / How to sew Chainette Fringe Trim

You can either machine sew, hand sew or even glue your chainette trim, depending on your project. Your chainette fringe will arrive with a thread along the bottom. This thread keeps the fringe in place during shipping and sewing. We recommend that you leave the thread in place while sewing or gluing your chainette project. After completion, the thread is easily removed from the bottom of the trim.

How to Sew Chainette Fringe on to a Costume with Elastic or Stretch

If you are attaching your chainette trim to a stretchy fabric, or to the leg or arm opening that has elastic, simply have the person wearing the outfit put it on and pin the chainette to the opening edge every inch or so, while it is stretched to the dimension it will be when wearing. Then, after the garment is taken off (carefully because the pins are still in it), the fabric will gather the chainette fringe. The pins will help to hold the chainette evenly so that you can evenly gather it when sewing. All you need to do is gently stretch the fabric between the pins so that it is the same length as the chainette fringe and sew the chainette onto the stretched fabric.

Care of Chainette Fringe: Dry Clean Only.

Idea for Brides ~ Silky Fringe Skirting
for Wedding Tables
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chainette frige for bridal reception table skirting
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