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"Turquoise Faux Stone" Beaded Garland - 5' length - $8.95 each

Turquoise Faux Stone Beaded Garland is stunning! This high quality acrylic beaded garland is in a beautiful shade of turquoise. It has the soft matte finish of a real stone (of course it's not made of real stones). But, it is truly stunning and would look beautiful alone, or intertwined with one of our other beaded garlands.

Turquoise Faux Stone Beaded Garland is 5 feet in length and has hundreds of matte acrylic beads in the most gorgeous shade of turquoise. This decorative beaded garland is made so that the beads are attached to the thin plastic filament, so you can cut the garland to any length and the beads will not fall off.

This garland will look stunning wrapped around a table centerpiece or candle for any celebration, event or party.

Decorating ideas for your garland are:
~ Wrapped around a table centerpiece
~ Decorating and flowing across a mantle, mirror or tabletop
~ Scattered on a party table

Width x Length: The largest of the irregular shaped beads is approx 3/8" in diameter, although they are more "triangular" in shape. The smallest of the round beads are 1/8" in diameter. The width of the garland "beaded branches" extending from the 5 foot length (if the garland is laid down flat as in the picture to the right), make the garland approximately 4" - 5" wide x 5 feet long. The extending sprays occur about every 1" along the 5 foot length of the garland.

"Turquoise Faux Stone"
Beaded Garland
$8.95 each

Number of Garlands:
Sample Cutting of
"Turquoise Faux Stone"
$1.00 per sample

Number of Samples:


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Decorating Ideas with beaded garland

Wrap some of our beaded garlands around a table centerpiece to add extra sparkle and romance .Particularly nice when beaded garlands are used at wedding reception tables. Fill a favorite glass jar or vase with several and an unused vase becomes a gorgeous centerpiece or accent. Wrap a beaded garland around the base of a candlestick or centerpiece. Add interest to a plain chandelier or sconce. Drape one or two over the top of a mirror for some inexpensive drama. And don't forget holiday decorating, our beaded garlands are perfect for all holidays.

Beaded Garlands are perfect for wedding decorations. Here are a few ideas:

  • Decorate the Cake Table with beaded garland around the cake plate and table.
    ~ Use beaded garlands to wrap around the centerpiece or candles
    ~ Drape the beaded garland to section off family seating in church pews.
    ~ Let beaded garland hang from the handle of the brides and bridesmaids bouquets.
    ~ Use beaded garland to hang across the top of the church entrance doors.
    ~ Use the beaded garland to decorate the edge of the wedding party table.
    ~ Beaded Garland is perfect for decorating the cake cutting set and the champagne goblets - (remember you can cut this garland to the size you need without the beads coming off!)
    ~ Add beaded garland to the present table and reception table where your guests sign in. Home Page
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